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  • Five ways to get your online resume noticed

    Technology advances in online job applications and resumes have helped employers streamline hiring processes. However, once job seekers hit “Submit Application,” they might be left feeling unsure if their resume made a lasting impression. As hiring managers sift through digital piles of resumes,...

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  • How being a bouncer prepared me as an Agile coach

    After leaving the Army, job prospects were not excellent for a tank-driving, cannon-shooting, armored crewman, outside of being part of “The Expendables,” and I was about 20 years too early for that. I used the network I built to ask around for any positions that might be a suitable fit, which l...

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  • How to successfully network on LinkedIn

    With more than 660 million users around the globe, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professionals in every field. Networking on LinkedIn is more than just making connections; it’s an active step into the professional world that can help open the door to your dream career if used correctly. So, what...

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