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Vaco’s strategic corporate relocation services transform the process of relocating or expanding your company’s offices. From moving corporate HQ to an entirely new city to expanding to a second, third, or fourth location locally or nationally, we can help make the process easy and efficient from day one. With our experts handling the specifics of your relocation, you can focus on running and growing your business.

Our local, national, and global relocation services offer flexible and scalable solutions that include project management, quality control, and staffing solutions. We also help companies minimize workflow and technology disruptions.

Vaco’s executive relocation services are designed to help your company and your employees have a positive, low-stress relocation experience. From ongoing employee support services, vendor management, and budget development to premier talent and solutions recruiting, expense management, and more, we want to be your partner in relocation success.

Transform your relocation process

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Corporate relocation management that’s with you all the way

We provide ongoing support from a single point of contact to ensure ease of communication throughout the process. And when you need to build out teams quickly, we have a vast global talent network that gives us access to the very best candidates. Whether you need local or global, C-suite or entry-level, remote or on-site team members, we have the resources and the expertise to deliver on your needs.

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And we don't stop there.

Our relocation experts also provide best practices training, assessment of your company’s and employees’ relocation needs, and creative solutions to your concerns and goals, all while supporting and maintaining your company culture and your business objectives.

We help control relocation costs with advance planning, employee mobility management, policy development, cost analyses, budget development, and vendor and project management. Our experienced consultants can also help your company strategize and prepare for mergers and acquisitions or help you navigate ever-changing tax and immigration regulations.

From planning a major role to managing and executing every small detail, we’re with you all the way.

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From advance planning to ongoing management, we bring the resources you need.

We're with you all the way

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