Fueling Growth Through Digital Enablement

  • Webinar Date: April 28, 2022 @11:30am

The rising need to access and analyze real-time operational, financial and non-financial data provides an opportunity for finance and accounting leaders to become visionaries. 

Launching a carefully constructed digital transformation strategy enables improved interaction between technology and humans for making rapid and smart business decisions.  And while some finance organizations may still view digitization as an emerging concept, progressive financial leaders are quickly realizing new efficiencies and increased business value through their investments in digital transformation.

Want to accelerate your transformation journey? Join digital transformation experts from Vaco and MorganFranklin Consulting share real-world insights on how leading organizations are fueling growth in 2022 (and beyond)!

By watching this on-demand session, participants will:

  • Better define what digital enablement means for the accounting and finance functions
  • Understand the evolving role (and expectations) of the financial leaders and the proper leadership mindset to drive transformation
  • Gain insight into emerging threats; including cyber, supply chain concerns, and talent disruption
  • Discover impactful uses cases, client examples and opportunities for process automation
  • Hear common implementation pitfalls and key considerations to help accelerate digital enablement
  • Learn how to start (or accelerate) your digital transformation journey - and resources to help along the way

Participants who attended the live webinar were eligible to receive CPE credit.

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