Get Employees Back to Work & Patients In for Care – and Return to Revenue Faster

  • Webinar Date: July 8, 2020 @11:00am

As healthcare organizations re-open, how can you get employees back to work and patients in for care – and return to revenue faster?

The answer: Clinical AI.

Clinical AI enables you to identify vulnerable employee and patient populations. This knowledge can inform reopen and return to revenue strategies while keeping the health and wellness of those individuals at the forefront. Going beyond identification, clinical AI guides specific interventions and helps prioritize patients to maximize hospital utilization. Understanding and monitoring vulnerability on an ongoing basis is what really helps maintain workforce and patient health – and enable predictable revenue.

Pivot Point Consulting and Jvion are working together to help healthcare organizations navigate business through COVID-19 and beyond.

During the webinar, we will:

  • Explore back to work considerations including:
    • How AI and robust data science is being used to gauge employee vulnerability, provide private and secure guidance to each individual employee regarding their back to work plan, and employ ongoing monitoring
    • Walk through operationalizing an AI-enabled back to work strategy
  • Discuss using clinical AI to rebuild patient trust and accelerate return to revenue
    • How clinical AI fits into existing reactive screening measures (thermal screening, contact tracing), but provides a far more prescriptive approach
  • Walk through how to deploy AI to identify patients on a severe course of illness, as well as interventions that can be leveraged to change their risk trajectory


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