Money Movement Challenges and Strategies to Safeguard Your Organization

Money Movement CPE June 2023 Vaco - Graphic
  • Webinar Date: June 6, 2023 @10:00am

FinTechs are a ubiquitous part of our money movement and payments ecosystem as both disruptors and enablers.  Often, these financial technologies are interwoven with our highly regulated banking processes; as such, regulatory scrutiny and regulations are racing to catch up to this very changing landscape of money movement.  We will take a look at money movement from an end to end perspective and talk through challenges and considerations.  

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about evolution of money movement and its current state.
  • Review an end to end money movement process flow. Gain insights into challenges and solutions to effectively address them.

The CPE portion of this webinar has concluded, but users can still view the presentation recording for educational purposes.

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