Virtual CPE: How to define the target operating model for your divestiture

  • Webinar Date: January 26, 2022 @11:00am

The current business environment is uncertain and ever-changing, forcing organizational leaders to rethink their strategy which can lead to major transactions such as divestitures. When this decision is made it is essential for one of the first steps to be determining a future operating model that connects the strategic vision of the business with its underlying services and capabilities. Doing this maximizes the value of the transaction, mitigates risk, and enhances buyer confidence. The target operating model shows a future state.

Join MorganFranklin Consulting’s webinar to learn about the key dimensions of target operating models and how to address them when assessing and designing a target operating model for the divestment to ensure that:

  • A clear business strategy and vision of the divestment is well-defined
  • The structure of the remaining company is optimized to support the growth trajectory
  • A clear plan can be developed to reach the expected outcomes
  • Operations are structured for a smooth transition to the seller

Learning Objectives:

  • Distinguish between current state operating model and target operating model
  • Identify the key dimensions of target operating models
  • Understand the benefits and challenges of target operating models
  • Spotlight the ways a target operating model can increase the value of your divestiture

Participants who attended the live webinar were eligible to receive 1 hour of CPE credit in the field of Finance.

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