Cassie Spradley


Cassie Spradley

Area of Expertise

Office Manager

About Cassie

Born and raised in small-town (Americus), GA, Cassie has been branded the “southern belle” of the office. She received her BBA in marketing at Georgia Southwestern State University, and since then, she has worked for colleges and universities. When Cassie and her husband decided to move to Florida, she knew she wanted to try something different and when a friend introduced her to Vaco’s Tampa team she felt right at home.

Now back in Georgia, Cassie supports Tampa’s team remotely but looks for any excuse to visit the office, enjoy the company of her coworkers, and everything else Tampa has to offer! As Office Manager, Cassie’s responsibilities span from consultant support to office operations and everything in between.

Outside of work, Cassie is a devoted dog mom to two miniature dachshunds, a foodie always looking for a new restaurant to try, and a serial organizer.

What do you love best about working with Vaco?

The fun and exciting work environment.

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