Florelle Kadima

Area of Expertise

Administration & Operations

About Florelle

Florelle is originally from Paris, started her career as an administrative assistant for various technology companies, and is now the office manager for Vaco’s Montréal office. Florelle ensures she stays up to date on the latest technologies, processes, and industry happenings to provide the best support to her team. She also provides a positive light and believes every challenge has a solution.

In Florelle’s free time, you can see her participating in anything that shows her true geek, fashion, and sporty aesthetic including boxing, playing video games, Latin dancing, or waltzing through a shopping mall. She loves to travel and has been to Europe, Africa, the United States, and currently resides in Canada.

What do you love best about working at Vaco?

Vaco’s vision and culture allows me to be versatile, show my creativity, and have control over my work/life balance through autonomy.

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