Jimmy Landry

About Jimmy

Jimmy worked in the IT industry for close to a decade. His thirst for knowledge, his sheer passion for the industry and his desire to help others led him naturally towards management and training roles.

Unfortunately, after a while, the lack of challenges and boredom got the best of him, so he decided to create a LinkedIn profile to see what was out there. It didn’t take long for a recruiter from Vaco to reach out to him! And so, on a sunny afternoon in June 2019, he met with 2 Vaconians in a café as a potential candidate. At the end of the conversation, one of them (who happened to be a managing partner) asked him the most unexpected question: “Have you ever considered recruitment?” It goes without saying that Jimmy jumped headfirst into what became the craziest, most fulfilling professional adventure ever, and he never looked back.

He learned his trade during two years as a recruiter (winning “Recruiter of the Month” a few times), got promoted to Recruitment Team Lead and since May 2022, accepted an Office Manager position where he can help both the recruiting team and consultants get the best experience possible.

What do you love most about Vaco?

The team and the culture, for sure! I love our beautiful group of Outlaws because they play ‘til the whistle and are as proud to wear the jersey as I am.

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