Kristin Sitek

Kristin Sitek

About Kristin

Kristin has a passion for aligning talent with client’s needs through exceptional, personalized service. Prior to joining Vaco, Kristin spent over seven years as a top performing recruiter at Creative Financial Staffing’s number one branch. She engaged accounting and finance talent at all levels ranging from operational accounting to high level consultants. Kristin also has experience in leadership where she focused on driving growth, employee development, and process improvement.

What do you love best about working at Vaco?

The unified direction from senior leadership, commitment to growth, and unwavering support. It’s really refreshing to be in an employee centric environment where the old adage “work hard, play hard” really exemplifies how we operate. No matter who you connect with here, you’ll find someone who is amiable, helpful, and enthusiastic.

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