S Shams Unissa – Zoya Shirin


S Shams Unissa – Zoya Shirin

About Zoya

Zoya Shirin has been a recruitment specialist, talent acquisition manager, client relations manager, business development and operations professional, and administrative manager with 14 years of hands-on experience in practical understanding of business needs. Expertise in IT Recruitment, key account management, business development, MSP/vendor management, team management, delivery, and resource management for implementation, re-implementation, and project services for Fortune 500 customers across the globe. Perseverance is the only key to success.

A cat lover, Zoya has fostered more than 12 cats in the last 10 years. Family is her priority, and she can go beyond any limits for them. Her true strength and her weakness both lie in her FAMILY. She is a very religious person, therefore she prefers to spend her time doing religious research and research on the chapters mentioned in the holy book.

 What do you like best about working at Vaco?

Respecting integrity! There are many companies out there offering WFH options to the employees, but very few respect the employee integrity and in return get the employees’ loyalty and trust. Read a quote somewhere, a true leader will respect your integrity, not micromanage you!

I felt Vaco broke that stereotype working model of companies that literally don’t trust their employees – Family!

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