Dmitriy Neganov


Dmitriy Neganov

About Dmitriy

Dmitriy is the M&A Business Transformation practice leader and specializes in complex projects, such as M&A integrations and business transformation. He oversees a team of trusted Vaco advisors and guides organizations through the most complex, risky, and urgent projects that they face. He offers traditional and custom solutions to client challenges and ensures they deliver measurable and lasting value.

Dmitriy has a background in mechanical engineering, information systems, finance, and management. He holds PMP and Agile certifications. His career spans nearly 20 years and includes over 60 successful projects across 11 industries.

What do you love best about working at Vaco?

Having worked with different consulting firms, both national and global, Vaco has always stood out to me as an organization which is highly flexible and open to new ideas. This translates into a more fair treatment of employees, putting their interests ahead of its own and into innovation, and bringing unorthodox solutions to common problems that exist in the market.

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