Accounting & Finance

Meagan Krift

About Meagan

As a member of the Vaco Financial team, Meagan supports our clients looking to add full-time talent to their finance and accounting teams. She has 15 years of specific finance and accounting talent matching experience in Cincinnati, 10 years with her prior firm, and the past 5 years here at Vaco. Her expertise is in client development and relationship management. Meagan’s passion for building relationships that transcend far deeper than a business transaction has served her well in building a large and impactful network to lend to our clients and candidates, whether they are on the hunt for new talent or for a new position.

What is the most rewarding part of working for a recruiting agency?

The MOST rewarding part of this job is without a doubt changing someone’s life through a career move. Better balance, more fulfilling work or a substantial salary increase – there are many times we are truly changing the course of someone’s life and it’s the feel-good stuff I need in my career.

What’s the secret to a great interview?

The secret to a great interview is to listen more than you speak. To have confidence in your answers and to be prepared. You know your skills and experience better than anyone, in an interview you simply must relate those skills to the questions being asked to you. It also helps to RELAX and find some common ground with your interviewer.

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