Lexi Miller

About Lexi

Within a few seconds of talking to Lexi, there is no doubt that she was born and raised in New Jersey. She graduated from Ohio University, and for some reason never left! There, she studied Communications, Psychology, Marketing, and Diversity. At Vaco, she works in the Staffing division and manages our recruiting team. Outside of the office, she can be found sitting on a patio with a margarita and enjoying live music. She also loves spending time in the Short North with friends and trying new places!

Secret to a Great Interview

Humor. It builds a relationship quickly, shows your personality, and breaks the ice.

Important Piece of Advice

Ride the wave. In our industry there are constant up and downs. You need to remember to take the bad with the good- and just ride the wave 😊

Dream job for a Day

I’ve always thought being a lawyer would be awesome…but there’s no way I’m passing the Bar.


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