Laura Petruccelli


Laura Petruccelli

Area of Expertise

Administration & Operations

About Laura

Laura provides support to Vaco as an Office Manager for Vaco Denver’s team. She graduated from Colorado State University in 2016 and has worked in the Staffing Industry since. Laura was born and raised in Colorado and does not take the beautiful state for granted! When she’s not making strides alongside the fireball team in the Denver office, Laura is outdoors embracing the Rocky Mountain air – hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter; there is never a dull moment in the Mile High! Laura also loves trying out new restaurants and breweries all around Colorado, but as much as she loves her state and the people there, traveling is a must! Laura seeks to add value to every situation, and is constantly looking for the next opportunity to bring something new and unique to the table.

What do you love best about Vaco?

It is an extraordinary feeling to be part of an organization where you know what you are doing matters. Vaco provides endless support and appreciation for a job well-done. We are constantly inspired to be the best version of ourselves, all while helping those in our community find the position they love. We work together – for each other and with each other, to continue making meaningful moments in our own lives and in each of those we come in contact with. From the ground up, Vaco is an integrity-first organization that makes you feel proud to say you work for.

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