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“I’m all about problem solving, match making, and working with others to accomplish a shared goal.  IT consulting & staffing ties all three of those together.” 

Alex Naddell is a champion high-fiver. Coaching teams and celebrating victories is in his blood, and that makes him an essential ingredient in our recipe for success.

As Partner and Managing Director of Vaco Nashville’s Technology Practice, Alex oversees our local IT consulting services team, helping people find their dream jobs every day while taking care of clients’ essential projects and full-time hiring needs. Whether on a consulting project or direct hire engagement, Alex takes a three-sided approach to success. “Vaco, our clients, and our candidates all need to be extremely satisfied with the outcome for it to be considered a success,” he says. “We’re here to transform client relationships into true partnerships, not just  transactional relationships. The only way to do that is to see things from the client’s perspective. Putting in the extra effort to do that is how Vaco goes above and beyond industry norms, every time.” 

Alex is a proud Vaconian who proudly displays his entrepreneurial streak — a must-have quality around here. “We play the game the right way, he says. “We have all of the required tools at our disposal, as well as the autonomy and flexibility to be able to figure out what the most viable customized solution will be for each of our clients on a case by case basis. And most importantly, we have lots of fun along the way!” 

Alex’s expertise and guidance benefits everyone on our team, drawing on more than 20 years of consulting experience. Prior to joining Vaco, he managed the IT Consulting division of a Fortune 500 strategic staffing company that consistently ranked in the Top Five divisions worldwide, and was recognized for four consecutive years as one of the firm’s Top Ten individual producers worldwide. Since going full Vaconian in 2005, he’s qualified for Vaco Technology’s annual awards trip (yes, that’s a pretty great perk) as a producer every year since — all while growing and developing Vaco Nashville’s 25+ person technology consulting and staffing practice.

Outside of Vaco, Alex assumes the natural role of Family Uber Driver, shuttling his two kids to and from a growing list of extracurricular activities. Alex and his family live just outside of Nashville, just close enough to the “it” city for him to indulge in his passion for great restaurants and amazing food in general — especially when it lands on his table at home.

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