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About Amanda

A California native, Amanda spent over three years recruiting in the Bay Area before relocating to Nashville. She now works with the best and brightest tech talent in the area to assist them with finding the next step in their career journey. Outside of the office, she can be found spending time with her husband and son, hiking, reading, drinking wine, and seeing live music.

Get to Know Amanda

What is the most rewarding part about working for a recruiting agency?

We get to help people, often in their greatest time of need! I help consultants in the Nashville market find their dream job or an exciting opportunity that aligns with their long-term career path. This helps them achieve their personal and professional goals, while also helping our clients solve complex business problems. That solution may be helping them attract and retain top talent or a more complex technical solution. There is great reward in what we do. When we do our job correctly, we change people’s lives!

What characteristics and disciplines do you need to be successful in your role at a staffing firm?

Being successful at a staffing firm takes hard work, discipline, and an ability to build trusting relationships. Success in our industry doesn’t happen overnight; it takes three or more years before you start to gain traction. It takes dedication to everyday principles such as communication, high-volume activity, and accountability. It is hard work, but it is very rewarding when you start to see your consultants and clients win! Having a passion for people and the ability to build successful business partnerships is critical. You must be able to add value to highly successful organizations, and you have to bring them something they don’t have internally!

Tell us more about your professional background. What led you to pursue a career at a recruitment company?

I started my career in the staffing industry, and as many of us do, I was referred in by a friend! I started in San Francisco, California recruiting professionals within Project Management, Product Management, UI/UX, and Software Development. I was promoted into an Account Management role in the Silicon Valley where I supported clients ranging from garage startups to Fortune 500 organizations. I also spent a year managing a team of technical recruiters for an IAM company in San Francisco. I relocated to Nashville in 2019 with my husband and 3-year-old son. I was fortunate to find Vaco and look forward to retiring here after many years of success!

What’s the most important piece of professional/career advice you’ve ever received?

The most important piece of career advice I have received was from a former boss; it is simple and straight forward: Control the controllable! It is easy to get wrapped up trying to solve problems or change things you cannot control, but that ultimately gets you nowhere. By focusing your time and energy on items within your control, you are infinitely more productive and efficient in anything you do.

What do you think is unique about the culture at Vaco compared to other staffing agencies?

The culture at Vaco is very well balanced which is rare to find. We have fun, we celebrate, we encourage, and we help each other. We work hard, we challenge each other, and we push each other and remain focused. One of my favorite Core Tenets at Vaco is Work Hard, Stay Free; we do that very well!

We know Vaco is your dream job, but if you could do another job for just one day, what would it be?

If I wasn’t here at Vaco, I would love to be a Police Officer!

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