Senior Associate

Jim MacFarland

About Jim

Jim is a Senior Associate for the Pittsburgh office, working out of Cincinnati and assisting in building Pittsburgh’s Direct Placement Practice. He has over 20+ years in the Information Technology field as a Lead Architect, Lead Developer, Project Manager, and IT Manager where he found his true passion is to help people with their careers. Jim’s past 15 years have been spent in Talent Acquisition and Professional Services. The key to his success has been the ability to build business relationships and to effectively listen and communicate with all areas of the business.

In his spare time, he is on the Board of Trustees (VP) for the Powel Crosley Jr. Amateur Baseball Fund (Kid Glove program) partnering with the Cincinnati Reds. He can never pass up the time to play a round or two of golf!

What do you love best about working at Vaco?

Having an ongoing business relationship with Chris Persiani, Founding Partner of 2 Vaco offices, where he offered me the opportunity to work with Vaco and assist in building and growing the Direct Placement Practice in the Pittsburgh office. My team is professional and enjoyable to work with which will allow us to continue to grow our branch and open the door for success.

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