Garrett Smith

Area of Expertise

Technology – Perm

About Garrett

As a recent App State grad and psychology major, Garrett is able to combine his knowledge of people with his growing knowledge of technology to perfectly pair the right candidate with the right job. He strives to not see recruiting as a sales position but rather an opportunity to make impactful life changes in candidates and change both the candidates and clients lives for the better.

Find Garrett in the Community

Garrett is a member of Facebook’s Raleigh Tech Riders.

What do you like best about working at Vaco?

The culture. The culture here is truly unmatched and because of it I never feel like I work a day in my life and never have those moments where you’re dreading Monday. It’s basically a group of friends trying to find people jobs and that type of environment lets us both enjoy our work and perform at our highest potential.

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