CFO Advisor

Walter Belt

Area of Expertise

Managing CFO Advisor

About Walter

Walter brings 27 years of experience as a Big 4 audit partner focused upon banking and financial services, two years as the chief credit officer of a newly chartered community bank, and two years consulting with community banks on credit, financial reporting, regulatory compliance, and risk management issues.

Walter has had clients ranging in size from the world’s largest banking organizations to newly chartered commercial banks. In addition to managing financial statement audits, Walter has led and successfully delivered a variety of projects including the establishment of internal management and external financial reporting systems and processes, acquisition planning and integration, regulatory compliance, and audit committee governance.

While serving as the chief credit officer for a newly chartered community bank, Walter was responsible for the underwriting, approval, documenting, accounting, and monitoring of the bank’s loan portfolio. Walter earned his BA in mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin and earned his MBA in finance at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

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