Gavin Gruwell

Administrative & Operations

Gavin Gruwell

Area of Expertise

Administration & Operations

About Gavin

Gavin possesses everything you would want in a Generation Z recruiter: a love of coffee, vinyl, photography, the pacific northwest and finding people jobs they love. While he is relatively green to the recruiting industry, Gavin is passionate about placing individuals in positions they’ll thrive in and will work relentlessly to make it happen. He is enthusiastic to build relationships with others who value trust and authenticity, (in his words: people who “keep it real”). On his days off, you can find Gavin in third wave coffee shops, local thrift stores, Brooksville, church, or somewhere tirelessly defending why he cuffs his pants.

What do you love best about working with Vaco?

I love the people. Everyone is their true self, and it builds a level of trust you don’t see very often in the workplace. Vaco provides an environment that is encouraging, refreshing, and filled with life. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.


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