Alleviate the Stress of Hiring and Utilize a Talent & Solutions Firm

Your business is thriving and you need top talent to keep it that way. With a couple of new positions to hire, the time it is taking you to create job descriptions, sort through resumes, schedule and hold interviews and effectively follow-up is taking you away from the critical work needed to keep your business growing.

As a previous business owner, I understand the stress of having to hire new employees and how much pressure it adds to an already busy schedule. Did you know that a talent & solutions firm can alleviate this stress? Vaco’s team of professionals apply their years of experience in accounting and finance, technology, healthcare IT, operations, and administration roles to deliver qualified and well-vetted professionals to your team.   

Utilizing a Talent & Solutions firm

Vaco prides itself on being industry agnostic and serving its client’s needs fully. Whether your company needs a full-time, temp-to-hire, or contract employee, Vaco takes the weight off your shoulders in finding professional and dependable candidates.

During times of immense growth and change within an organization, hiring a temp-to-hire role allows you to avoid investing precious time looking for the perfect candidate, processing payroll, paying taxes, paying benefits, completing onboarding paperwork, and then allowing that professional to roll to another Vaco project when or if that time comes. When the needs of your business flex, a temp-to-hire position allows you to bring on that professional as a full-time employee.

Vaco strives not only to provide you with the best fit for the position, but we work endlessly to thoughtfully serve clients by understanding their needs, acknowledging that no two jobs or companies are the same and each take a special approach, and finally allowing the client to free themselves from the hassle of hiring and focus on what they do best: grow their business.


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