Our Promise to You, Vacotine

Posted 02/13/18 Jerry Bostelman

On a day designed to celebrate relationships, we want to let you know how much we appreciate ours. The day you need Vaco might not be your best day: you might be over-worked, under staffed; missing ballgames and dinners; staring at looming deadlines with the knowledge that great opportunities for the company might mean piles of extra work for you. Vaco is here for you. Vaco loves to bring clarity to the chaos of business; it’s what we do best. We love serving you through your most difficult challenges as much as we love celebrating your victories over them. Today and always.

Just as every client is unique, so are all great relationships. We’ll develop our own story through our adventures and experiences, but there are a few unwavering constants you can count on us to bring for the duration:

  • We’re here for the long-haul: Vaco’s culture of longevity means that you have partners focused on serving you throughout your entire career, not just from transaction to transaction. By creating a workplace where the best and the brightest in the industry can thrive for the duration of their careers, Vaco has ensured you have someone to serve you for the duration of yours. In an industry with staggering turnover rates, Vaco hires and retains the right people so you know they will be there for you at the right time, every time. Sometimes that will be when you retain us for a critical search or project, but those transactions should be some of many meaningful experiences we have over the course of our relationship. Vaco is committed to helping you successfully navigate your career, connect you to those that can enrich it and add more joy to your increasingly demanding life.
  •  Our Experience & Expertise is at your disposal: This isn’t our first rodeo. In the last 16 years we’ve made every mistake imaginable, if we missed one we’d go back and make it to make sure we learned the lesson, so we come to you ready to serve! Individually, the typical Vaco player has more than seven years in a consulting or placement capacity and started their career in the discipline(s) they serve.  Your Vaco team brings the knowledge that comes from a history of successful engagements and the professional maturity to understand the uniqueness of your needs.
  • Your love is our drug: While we are proud of the awards we’ve won (Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, being named to Inc. magazine’s list of the fastest-growing companies 11 years in a row), the honor we strive to earn every day is to be worthy of our relationship and for you to adore us like we adore you.  Your Vaco team is interested in your dreams and challenges; committed to serving you throughout your professional adventure; coachable when inevitable human challenges arise; and ready to celebrate every victory along the way.

So, I guess what we are saying is…Will you be our Vacotine? Vaco <3’s you and yours and aims to make you our Vacotine every single day, year after year after year. Now let us help you get home in time to celebrate.

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