Technology at Vaco

Are you someone who feels as if you’re constantly wresting with technology to get it to work? IT specialists would probably tell you whatever the problem, it’s probably “user error.” To take a deeper dive into technology, we sat down with Vaco’s longest running IT member – Conrad Macaso, Vaco Global IT Director.

Conrad, what led you to a career in IT at Vaco?

I met Scott Gordon [Vice President of Talent Solutions at Vaco] and Ryan Thompson [Managing Director of Recruiting at Pivot Point Consulting, A Vaco Company] at a Vaco networking event. They asked if I was interested in working for Vaco and the rest is history.

How has Vaco grown in the twelve and a half years you’ve been with the company?

I was a one-man team on my first day [in 2007]. Today, we have about 30 diverse team members serving 40+ offices around the globe. We’re gaining the structure we need to be a valuable resource in Vaco’s growth.

What new technology are you most excited for and why?

VMWare in Azure because it will allow us to move our infrastructure to the cloud for resiliency. It will also be easy for our IT team to manage and create cost savings for Vaco.

I also like the tool, Smartsheet, because it keeps me on task and helps me manage team projects.

What’s important to remember when structuring IT for a company?

Start with people and culture. Hire key personnel who support the culture, who are excited to be a part of Vaco, and build the team from there.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to enter into IT?

My best advice for anyone looking to embark on a career in IT is to be a sponge. Don’t be afraid – the best way to grow in this is field is to keep educating yourself, always be open to learn and try.


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