Vaco Agile Team releases new book, “Organizational Agility Unleashed,” available through Amazon

RALEIGH, North Carolina – July 30, 2020 – Three Vaco leaders who have pioneered business agility best practices published a new book, “Organizational Agility Unleashed,” which gives business professionals new tools for success in a rapidly changing coronavirus world.

Authors Jim Grundner, an agile practice leader, Kimberly Andrikaitis, an agile coach, and Bob Galen, principal agile coach at Vaco in Raleigh, wrote the book to guide leaders in using business agility principles to optimize their organization in an increasingly complex marketplace.

“With new and shifting digital technologies ahead at every turn, it is tough to ‘get stuff done’ in a reliably predictable way,” Grundner, the lead author of the book, said. “‘Organizational Agility Unleashed’ shares real-life experiences to help firms build great products for customers – increasing their trust and loyalty in you.”

Vaco’s agile practice division empowers companies and organizations to drive more successful outcomes through efficiency, purpose and agility; it delivers, on average, 150 percent growth and a 20 percent reduction in tech spending for clients. Vaco has more than 50 agile coaches, four of whom are on the company’s leadership team.

In a complex digital world, delayed projects can mean untold amounts of lost revenue. “Organizational Agility Unleashed” provides industry-leading situational expertise acquired through decades of helping organizations overcome obstacles. These proven approaches get high-priority products to market faster and do so in repeatable and predictable patterns. “Organizational Agility Unleashed” advances new leadership tools to:

  • Enable agility throughout an entire organization.
  • Optimize teams for consistent high performance.
  • Engage full leadership teams to create better, higher-quality products that customers love in the face of rapidly changing market demands.
  • Help companies leverage technology in a constantly evolving world.
  • Position leaders as “tip of the spear” to beat the competition.
  • Infuse agile strategies in organizations to win the battle of constant change.

“Organizational Agility Unleashed” is available through or Proceeds will benefit The Carying Place, a Raleigh charity dedicated to helping homeless families with children get back on their feet by teaching life skills for attaining independent living while providing short-term housing and support services to address individual needs.

“This inspiring book delivers pragmatic and useful advice for teamwork in the Digital Era. The power of the book is the honest, ‘been there-done that’ perspective Jim and his co-authors bring,” said Anne Hungate, president of Daring Systems, a Raleigh business consulting firm. “Practical tools for giving and receiving feedback make the book an essential read for anyone embarking on an agile transformation or experiencing a plateau in their agile productivity. I recommend the book for people at any level of an organization working to improve agility – there are game-changing kernels of wisdom and perspective relevant to everyone.”

“It’s expertly written by those who experienced agile in action – and at scale,” said Michael A., an executive at a financial services company. “The real-world challenges are well understood, and the associated guidance has been proven effective.”

Vaco is a talent and solutions firm that provides consulting, contract and direct hire solutions to more than 40 markets around the globe. Raleigh is a key growth market for Vaco, which has experienced rapid expansion, serving more than 630 clients and placing more than 3,900 candidates since 2004. Vaco’s Raleigh office is part of a powerhouse that delivers talent and solutions across diverse industries and to more than 10,000 clients globally as it continues to grow.

About the Authors

Jim Grundner is the lead author and agile practice lead for Vaco in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he has spent more than two decades helping clients use organizational agility to successfully deliver the highest priority products faster.

Bob Galen is an agile practitioner, coach, and trainer with more than 20 years’ experience with the agile approaches. He appreciates his teammates at Vaco for keeping him on his toes and helping him continue to learn, grow, and stay agile.

Kimberly Andrikaitis is an agile coach obsessed with collaboration, continuous improvement, and experimentation. She is always looking for new ways to strengthen team dynamics, make them more effective, and coach for high performance.

About Vaco

Vaco provides boutique-level service with global reach in the areas of consulting, consultative project resources, executive search, permanent placement, and strategic staffing. Areas of expertise include c-suite search, accounting, finance, technology, healthcare IT, operations, administration and international managed services. Since its founding in 2002, Vaco has grown to serve more than 40 markets across the globe, with 1,200 employees, 5,500 consultants and $700 million in revenue. Vaco has been named to Inc. magazine’s list of the fastest-growing private companies for the past 13 years and was named to Forbes’ 2018, 2019 and 2020 lists of America’s Best Recruiting Firms.


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