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Dylan Roe

Dylan Roe

Area of Expertise

Global Solutions, Payroll and Reporting Specialist

About Dylan

I am the Payroll and Reporting Specialist here at Vaco’s Global Solutions. My first day as a part of the Vaco team was on the day of the total solar eclipse back in 2017. Since that day, it has been my role to take care of all things payroll and to create a wide array of reports. As someone who spends a lot of time in contact with the consultants, I am afforded the opportunity to make the Vaco experience a positive experience. In addition to having a direct line of contact with our consultants, I love being able to assist our leadership by providing reports that help Vaco continue to grow and have success. The thing that really makes Vaco special to me is our wonderful team of people. They make every day truly enjoyable and worthwhile!

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