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Vaco’s permanent placement staffing services, on a retained or project basis, takes the stress out of finding your next new hire or building your next critical team. Vaco’s multi-industry expertise and extensive international network ensures our client’s will get the right selection of quality and already vetted candidates that will grow their business, and fit in with the organization’s culture. We’ll work with you to meet your long-term staffing needs by matching the right professionals with the right roles to align with your business vision and goals.

Vaco’s permanent placement solutions makes the hiring process less stressful, less time consuming, and less costly. Vaco takes on the resource-intensive work, sourcing top talent from our pool of industry professionals, from entry-level candidates to mid-level managers to senior-level or C-suite executives.

As a full-service recruitment and business solutions agency, Vaco will take the time to learn your business, your culture, your goals. We will then develop the best recruiting strategy to supply you with the qualified permanent candidates that enable business growth and share in your company vision.

Vaco has over 15 years of experience and hundreds of recruiters around the globe. Our vast network of quality talent grows daily. We have deep relationships with professionals in the accounting/finance, financial services, healthcare, technology, supply chain, cybersecurity, as well as other industries. Just as we’ve done for leading companies, Vaco identifies your business needs and helps you find the right candidates to fill permanent positions, so you can focus on your business doing what you do best.

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In today’s complex and everchanging workforce, companies are running leaner than ever. Through a collaborative and hands-on approach, Vaco acts as your partner, sharing your vision and solving your permanent placement staffing needs. Reach out to us and find out if we are a good fit!

Why use Vaco’s permanent placement staffing services?

Finding the right personality in a new hire is just as important as finding the right combination of skills and experience. Vaco gets it; we’re pretty choosy about who we bring into the Vaco Nation, too. Our team of seasoned recruiters takes the time to know candidates beyond the resume and understand our clients’ work culture as well as our own. That means we can deliver a short list of people who are not just ready to do the job; they’re ready to make things better. We’ll help you find the right person for the right team, for good.

Our permanent placement staffing solutions offer clients the following benefits:

  • Cost, time, resource and energy savings
  • A short-list of qualified, already-vetted top candidates guaranteed to impress
  • Targeted, recruitment strategy focused on finding permanent employees that fit in with your culture, your team, and your business needs
  • Quality employee placements based on local, regional, national or international positions – with managed relocation support as needed
  • Highly-skilled, highly-talented permanent prospect employees delivered straight to your desk

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Are you ready to tap into Vaco’s years of experience, vast global network, and deep relationships to find your best employee yet?

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leading industry experts

Our internal teams are made up of industry veterans from national firms, Fortune 500 companies, and top recruiting agencies. They know qualified talent when they see it, so you get the expertise you need, right when you need it.