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Looking for better healthcare IT consulting & solutions? We’ve been there.

As a leading healthcare IT solutions and consulting firm, we partner with healthcare organizations like yours to develop cost-saving strategies, find the best talent, and realize the full value of your technology & data.

Strategic planning, IT innovation and implementation, regulatory compliance, and value realization are critical in the new health economy. Because our advisory team has been in your shoes, we understand the challenges you’re facing, and we have the experience and expertise to design and execute a technological transformation for your organization.

We’ll help you get more from your technology so you can do more for your people.

Vaco’s healthcare consulting firm, Pivot Point Consulting, enables healthcare providers, payors, and life sciences organizations to achieve new levels of success with best-in-class healthcare advisory, technology implementation, software optimization, healthcare managed services, and IT talent solutions.

When you’re at a pivot point you need a partner you can trust.

Finding the right healthcare IT solutions can transform the way you do business. We’ll help you turn your IT investment into a revenue-generating machine, deliver flexible healthcare managed services solutions, support your telehealth solutions, and so much more!  

Realize the full value of your healthcare IT solutions.

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From IT value realization, telehealth, and cybersecurity to EHR implementation and ERP optimization, Pivot Point Consulting, Vaco’s healthcare IT consulting firm, provides strategy and talent solutions for providers, payors and life sciences organizations. 


Pivot Point Consulting’s executive leadership team averages over 25 years of healthcare IT and business development experience. Working together, our healthcare consultants and IT advisory teams provide turnkey IT implementation and optimization services, managed services, and top-notch talent solutions. 

Our insights streamline and advance your delivery of care so you can promote health and wellness within your community. 

From analytics and telehealth to electronic health records (EHR) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), we ensure our healthcare IT solutions meet real needs and address challenges you face every day.

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Pivot Point Consulting

Pivot Point Consulting enables healthcare organizations to realize the most value from their technology and data through our flexible and innovative solutions. We’ve received Best in KLAS honors for five years running and in 2020, we received the Best Overall IT Services Firm award.

We’re a consultant-led and outcomes-driven healthcare IT consulting firm and we’re dedicated to finding and retaining the best talent in the industry. Some of the solutions and services we provide include:

  • Healthcare advisory
  • IT implementation
  • Software optimization
  • Healthcare managed services
  • Healthcare IT talent solutions
  • IT insights

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