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Dick Bugg

About Dick

Dick has a lengthy IT career leading software development teams, testing teams and project management teams. Helping others learn and develop has been his main goal throughout. However, his experience in Agile has proven to be one of the most exhilarating. As a leader in a large financial firm through the transition to Agile, he coached a large team of Scrum Masters in the journey to creating team deliveries and guided teams to become self-managing. He also developed a training course on Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that enabled over 200 product teams to jump on board to higher-valued, shorter interval deliveries.

Why Agile?

Throughout my career, I’ve enjoyed working in teams to develop and deliver success for customers and the company. Working with others just brings out the best in all of us! And Agile really emphasizes the need to work closely, improve each team member, and to continue to grow and deliver. I strongly believe the close-knit requirement of business and technology to work as one team helps create the ultimate delivery machine. I’ve seen good teams come together and create value for customers and having a great time together as they succeed and improve. I’ve also seen the bad teams and it’s just not pleasant to watch. I truly believe that Agile is a vastly better delivery environment for technology and product development.

Why Vaco?

I’ve known and worked with Jim Grundner for over ten years and appreciate his leadership and his diligence. I worked alongside him during the Agile transition at a former employer and I saw his passion then and I see it continue to grow at Vaco. As I’ve dealt with more of the Vaco staff, I see a highly-experienced team and also how they exhibit such enthusiasm as they work together and discuss how to best serve their clients.

Favorite People to spend time with

My wife and three children mean everything to me. I spend my free time following my girls’ volleyball teams (one at Ole Miss and the other in Mulhouse, France), and visiting my son in Charlotte/Columbia, SC.

Favorite Movie

I like all the Jason Bourne movies, Shawshank Redemption and also Sound of Music.

College or professional team?


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