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Julee Everett

Julee is a consultant, author and speaker who helps organizations adopt agile thinking and innovative practices. She specializes in Product, Innovation, Design Thinking, and Lean Portfolio management. Julee is a thought leader who is active in the Product, Agile and PMP communities. She is the founder of the Tampa Bay Product Owner group, organizer of ProductCamp Gulf Coast, the 2017 Tampa Bay Agile Coach of the Year, and honored to be named in the Lean in Agile 100 Women of 2019. Julee is a frequent publisher on LinkedIn and She holds several certifications in Scrum, Project Management and Change Management, including Professional Scrum Trainer. With over a decade in the agile arena and 20 years of experience in the technology industry, she is passionate about bringing alignment and innovation to organizations using product discovery and design thinking techniques.

What is your role?

Product, Innovation and Agile Consultant

Why did you say yes to coming here?

I had some professional relationships with members of the team, and the opportunity to collaborate with these Agile experts was really appealing to me.

What are you most excited about?

So many things–the conversations with the team are very in-depth and pragmatic. They are challenging and bring up important and relevant topics to debate. There is a “people first” vibe and a commitment to solving the right problems for the customer.

What do you bring that is different from… Jim? Kim?

Like the other members of the team, I have a lot of passion for what I do and endeavor to be in a place of constant learning. My specialty is product discovery and design thinking – a structured approach to focusing on and identifying the problem we are trying to solve before we jump in to solutioning. I believe there is a shift happening to return back to a human-centric approach that is becoming more and more essential to our global, shape-shifting market.

How will this group make a difference?

This practice is about breaking the status quo. One of the things that excites me about the Vaco practice is their phrase, “Outlaws welcome.” Our team challenges business as usual and continues to push the envelope to see what is truly possible from culture to delivery.

If I retired tomorrow I would

My dream would be to open a bed and breakfast that focuses on helping people detox their lives. I would say my gift is in helping individuals root out the areas that aren’t working and creating a space where they can really flourish. My husband and I follow up a plant-based lifestyle, live in an 850 sq ft. home and lead meditation groups. Our personal goal is to aid in a person’s journey to physical, spiritual and emotional health.

Favorite people or pets to spend time with

I’m very in love with my husband. We have only been married two years, so we are still in our honeymoon. We lost our beloved fur baby, so we enjoy pet sitting for friends and having lots of animals in our lives through service to others.

Favorite book or movie

I love Ken Follett and especially enjoyed Pillars of the Earth as he really brings history to life through the story. For non-fiction, Brené Brown’s book Dare to Lead provides a great deal of inspiration for me about how to talk to people about values and being vulnerable. It’s changed my conversations.

People don’t know this about me

I grew up on a farm in Idaho, in the same valley where television was invented!

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