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Michael Marotta

About Michael

Michael works with his clients to visualize and then achieve their objectives using agile methodologies. Michael has over 20 years of experience in creating value for customers through education, coaching, mentoring, business process transformation, program delivery, program startup, technical system architecture, and strategic organizational design. Using a multidisciplinary approach gleaned from experience across a wide array of industries and disciplines, Michael provides a dynamic result focused coaching perspective. Michael’s love of creating high performing teams led him on a global journey to discover, deliver, and then educate others on how to build agile transformations within the enterprise. With a highly technical start in manufacturing, Michael’s career has continuously evolved through information technology, hospitality, healthcare, financial services industries, Global Financial Institutions, Healthcare, Hospitality, Food Supply (retail, mobile, wholesale), Information Technology, Start-up Culture (craft beer, artists, agriculture), Industrial Manufacturing, Defense Industry, and Aerospace.

Why Agile

Agile values, practices, and methodologies helped me explain what I was practicing in my personal and professional life. I’ve built high performing teams my entire career. One day I discovered a way to cross-pollinate, agile methodologies, lean thinking, design thinking, and emotional intelligence together to create a radical team development flow at both enterprise and start-up clients. Agile helps me communicate my universal set of values in life that I work share with others: Individual interaction, demonstrable results, customer collaboration, and acceptance of change.

This is how I live my life.

What Is your Role?

Enterprise Transformation Consultant; Enterprise Agile Coach

What are you most excited about?

I am most excited about building a boutique consultancy practice with my friends and my professional counterparts that I deeply respect. We come from many different facets of industry, experience and education. I’m excited to forge new ground in the agile world by leading the way in bringing agile transformation techniques into the manufacturing industry. This tip of the spear work allows me to help people build amazing things in this country. This journey back to manufacturing is a full circle life experience for me.

Why Vaco?

I’ve known Bob and monitored his work for years. When in Australia searching for a common agile voice from back ‘home’, I would inevitably end up on a blog post Bob had written that mirrored my thinking about enterprise transformation and team development. I worked with Jim and Peter extensively on the Fidelity agile transformation. My role with Jim and Peter’s help developed into a partnership directly with the President’s and Chairwoman’s highest priority teams. This partnership allowed me to collaborate at an enterprise leadership level to stitch a small part of Michael into the new core fabric of a company I respected my whole life. The scale and pace of real transformation accomplished at the enterprise level left me very grateful to have had a seat on the journey with the best talent Fidelity had to offer.

Coming to Vaco brings the band back together, links a team of all-stars together, allows us to develop our practice brand, and has brought me back into the Industrial Manufacturing world I grew up in. I cannot wait to see what we come up with as a team.

Favorite People and pets to spend time with

I enjoy skiing with my nephews and making attempts at music with my nieces. When not around my family, I love training/playing/hiking with my German Shepard’s. 

Favorite Book

Finding My Virginity by Sir Richard Branson

Favorite Movie

Blade Runner: The Final Cut (2007)

If I retired tomorrow I would

I would work to sail, to explore, to learn and to experience all of the world. I want to raise a family on the sea and give them an opportunity to be or do anything they want in life. If retirement hit tomorrow, you’d find me with scuba gear, sailboat parts, and hiking gear on the next flight to the equator.

People don’t know this about me       

I have about six books I want to write about my personal, professional, and global adventures….perhaps on a boat one day.

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