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Peter Caradonna

About Peter

Peter is a seasoned professional with the real world knowledge on how to formulate and execute agile transformation strategy that results in achieving enterprise goals. Peter has gained this by over 15 years of agile experience, with 10 years of coaching, including the executive, portfolio, program, and team levels. Peter has advised and facilitated the formation of agile center of excellence as well as scrum master and product owner’s communities of practice. He is certified and experienced in the most popular scaled frameworks including SAFe, Spotify Model, Less, Nexus, and Scrum at Scale. In addition, he holds certifications including IC Agile Professional Coach, SAFe SPC4.5, CSM, CSP, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Master Certificate in Project Management, and Certified JAVA Application Developer. Peter is a full stack agile coach including business, change management, and technical domains. This includes lean startup, Bain elements of value, ADKAR, McKinsey 7s, Kotter Change Model, as well as agile engineering practices embedded in the current DevOps trends.

What is your role?

Enterprise Agile Coach

Why did you say yes to joining Vaco’s Agile practice?

I wanted to be part of the best Agile Coaching practice ever. I really believe we are building an All-Star team to make the biggest impact and overcome the deficiencies found in other practices.

What are you most excited about?

I’m most excited about helping people do work beyond what they believe they are capable of and bringing joy to work. My favorite moments are when a person who was formerly seen as struggling, ends up being one of the stars.

What do you bring that is different from others on the team?

I have a development background that goes long before Agile. I began working with Agile since it came out. I understand what it was like before Agile and experienced the tremendous difference it can make. I am a very early adopter.

How will this team make a difference?

This team can provide the confidence and guidance necessary to ease the move into a new way of working. I think of my job as kind of a trail guide; when you hire that guide you want someone you feel confident knows the trail, knows how to live out in the bush and knows how to safely get you there and back. I am not one to push or pull you, I will meet you where you are and walk next to you.

If I retired tomorrow I would

Be taking people out on fishing charters from Lahaina harbor in Maui, HI. I have a captain’s license, and I have this vision of having this nice boat and taking people out to catch some incredible fish.

Favorite people or pets to spend time with

I have a one-year old grandson who was born on Christmas day. I visit him, my daughter and son-in-law every chance I get. I strongly believe people should skip having children and go right to grandchildren.

Favorite book(s) 

The Goal by Eli Goldratt — it’s a unique book about quality that is written as a novel; it captured what change feels like. My favorite fiction books are A Prayer for Owen Meany and The Christmas Carol.

Books and Agile

I love books about redemption. The reason why I coach and what I truly believe as a coach, is that I recognize genius is in everyone. It’s often constrained, and I help people unleash it. I don’t inject genius, but I can help reveal it; that motivates me for the mission of helping people help themselves. My philosophy is behavior is caused by structure. If you need to change people’s behavior look to change structure. I don’t want to just coach all the “good people,” I want to coach all the people. I have seen the remarkable change that occurs when an Agile consultant works with individuals to bring out their best.

Favorite Movie

Stand by Me, My Cousin Vinnie.

People don’t know this about me

Whenever I can, I take care of a vegetable and herb garden. I find so many comparisons between my coaching and gardening. I grew up in an oceanside community, south of Boston. I could sail a boat before I could ride a bicycle. I have a pilot’s and captain’s license.

College or professional team?

New England Patriots. I was a fan when they were terrible. They played at Boston University’s field, then they played at Fenway Park. I was a fan when they were ridiculously bad. I’m also a big baseball fan. When I was very young, my brother and I would take the subway to Fenway to watch the Red Sox. The whole experience cost around two bucks. When they started winning, we could no longer afford it.

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