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Rob Park

Rob Park

Area of Expertise

Accounting and Finance

About Rob

Rob is a senior level Accounting & Finance Recruiter, where he works to place accountants and finance professionals throughout both the private and public accounting sectors. His other job includes being a dad to a cute two-year-old and being a loving husband to his wife. In his off time, he likes to shoot hoops, hit balls and relax during the weekends.  He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and maintains a PHR certification.  Rob has held various roles in his 12 year career, such as recruiter for a boutique bi-lingual executive search firm and as a senior recruiter at a national publicly ; traded company, exclusively focusing on finance and accounting.  Prior to joining Vaco in September 2015 as Recruiting Manager, Rob served as the Vice President of the F&A group at the largest staffing firm in NYC. Rob is one of the most sincere and effective talent-finders in the business and adds a dynamic to Vaco that creates many happy clients, customers and long term relationships!

What do you love best about working at Vaco?

Truly the culture and the people. It is second to none!

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