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Cheryl Citrone

Cheryl Citrone

Area of Expertise

Logistics & Supply Chain

About Cheryl

Cheryl is a recruiter for Vaco Memphis,specializing in Logistics and Supply Chain. She claims she is one of the first dozen employees to drink the Vaco KoolAid and still have some brain cells left to do the job! Outside of the office, you will more than likely find her digging in the dirt at her farm. If not there, you will find her traveling around the country with her husband and 2 portable kitties in their RV, named Miss E. In the evenings, she binge watches 2 shows – Dallas Swat and Kansas City Swat, to which she says, “Those drug dealers just don’t get it!!! Don’t run from a man with a large automatic weapon and tear gas. Geeeezzzzzz!”

What do you love best about working at Vaco?

They love you. Everyone loves you and I love everybody. As my life and responsibilities have “evolved” in my personal life, Vaco has made adjustments to allow me to continue to be a part of this company and take care of my family. Wow! Pinch me, but I do think I am still dreaming that I work for a company as great as this.