Laughlin Tagg
Laughlin Tagg

Area of Expertise

General Administration & Operations

About Laughlin

Laughlin’s primary focus is business development, but she also recruits for certain openings that are a hard-to-find, niche skill sets or to jump in to help with the heavy lifting when the volume is at its peak. Since starting at Vaco, Laughlin’s professional and social life have merged. She now says life is centered around the people she works with, as well as the people she gets to know doing what she loves – connecting people and companies with a perfect fit! When Laughlin leaves works, she is either spending time at home taking care of the mundane, exercising, doing yoga, or if she wants to do something social, she calls one of her fellow Vaconians!

What do you love best about working at Vaco?

The best part about working at Vaco is the people and the comradery. This company has become more than just a job for me. Vaco has provided a foundation that has added more fun and joy to my life than any job ever has before! The best part for me are the friends I have gained and the fun we have in and out of the office. To me, Vaco represents class in the staffing industry, and the more we grow, the more we are providing a new face to the perception of the staffing culture for candidates and clients.