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Patrick MacAllister

About Patrick

Patrick helps clients identify, vet, and hire technology professionals in Nashville and the surrounding area. Outside of work, he likes to stay active in the gym, golfing, playing hockey. He likes to balance that out with a couple of cocktails as well.

Get to Know Patrick

How would you describe recruiting agencies to a third grader?

If you needed someone to help you make more lemonade for your lemonade stand but didn’t have the time to find that person, give Vaco a quarter; we will find you someone that not only loves making lemonade, but also likes the same cartoons as you. 

What is the most rewarding part about working for a recruiting agency?

I’ve had several clients and candidates become great friends of mine.  Without my career, I would never have gotten a chance to meet them. 

What characteristics and disciplines do you need to be successful in your role at a staffing firm?

To me, the most important trait is empathy on both sides of the aisle.  When negotiating, you are dealing with a client that is trying to be as fiscally responsible as possible and also dealing with a candidate who is trying to maximize their earning years.  Being able to successfully bring them together requires understanding both side’s goals and objectives and being able to convey those effectively to the other. 

What’s the most important piece of professional/career advice you’ve ever received?

One of the best salesmen I’ve ever met once told me “I don’t know what it is, but the slower I talk, the more money I make.”  I will never forget that. 

What is something you can do better than anyone else you know? 

Inject humor into uncomfortable moments. 

We know Vaco is your dream job, but if you could do another job for just one day, what would it be?

PGA Golfer.  It’s the best job on the planet. 

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