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With locally owned leadership, a national reach and an entrepreneurial culture, Vaco New York is uniquely positioned to deliver talent solutions with complete customization and limitless scalability. Our experience in the Financial Services space, having serviced many of New York’s leading hedge funds, investment banks and private equity firms (including their portfolio companies), ensures we have a deep understanding of your needs. Pairing this local, tenured experience with the reach and service offerings of our many Vaco offices allows us to serve you in a myriad of ways, with an expert hand guiding you at every turn.

Vaco New York’s Financial Services practice partners with leading hedge funds, investment banks and financial institutions to provide best-in-class financial professionals on a permanent, contingency and direct hire basis

Vaco New York helps you execute critical projects, navigate seasons of excessive demand and address your permanent and interim staffing needs, freeing you to focus on your core business. Your talent needs and business goals guide our efforts. We see you, we hear you, and we’re here to help.

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Forget the foot in the door, at Vaco, we believe in a grander entrance. Whether it’s project work or a permanent placement…in accounting, financial services or operations, Vaco New York can help you find your new career adventure. Take a peek at the hundreds of opportunities available in your backyard. Don’t see anything that interests you? Contact our team to find your dream job!
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We are top experts in the financial services sector, always in touch with the latest business and talent solutions. We are former financial industry vets who know how to make the numbers work for our clients and candidates. We are recruiters and consultants who'll go to all lengths to find the best and the brightest. But we're more than that - we're the kind of players you need to hit the ground running. Come meet the expert team at Vaco New York.
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Vaco New York helps you execute critical projects, navigate seasons of excessive demand and address your talent needs, freeing you to focus on your core business. Whether it's permanent placement, consulting or strategic staffing, your talent needs and business goals guide our efforts. We see you, we hear you, and we’re here to help.
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Vaco's work in the industries we serve is what make us experts. Vaco's team is made up of professionals who have extensive backgrounds and expertise in the industries of financial services, accounting & finance, among many others. Whether you're a client or candidate, when you're working with Vaco, you’ve always got an expert on your side.
Areas of Expertise
Industries We Serve
While Vaco New York has domain expertise in the financial services industry, our work doesn't stop at that vertical. We are industry agnostic when it comes to finding the perfect fit for our candidates and clients. Vaco’s team is filled with pedigreed professionals who are well versed across many industry sectors. No matter what the job or field is, consider Vaco your career concierge.
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“I just had a call with your candidate. It made my week, month – potentially year. He is one of the highest quality candidates I have ever interviewed in my career. Thank you.”


“I am at a rare loss for words to thank you for all you do for me. When I came to Vaco Seattle I figured they would just be another firm. When I’d left another consulting firm years ago I figured I’d never find another really great company to work for again. You’ve proven that theory totally wrong! You and Vaco Seattle have been a fantastic company to work for and one I’m really proud to tell my friends I work for. Most companies would tell their consultants to hit the road vs. putting much effort into helping them, but you have taken great care of me all these years. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.  It means a great deal to me and when I have a bad day it really helps keep me going think of all of you.”

“They listen. They understand our business and the environment we do it in. We work with a lot of vendors, and Vaco gets us better than anyone else. We get the right balance of technical skill set and temperament that fits us.”


“Vaco is very client focused. Let me give you a few examples. When Vaco is in the area, they drop by. They have regular meetings with us, and ask what they can do better. If they find a good candidate, even when we are not actively recruiting, they let us know. Their follow-up with us is strong.”

“Vaco is the type of company that is more of a partner than a vendor to me. You have companies…but Vaco seems to be at the forefront with quality. My experience is always top-notch from beginning to end. Vaco hires really good people.”

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