New York, New York

Expert Financial Services Solutions

Expert Financial Services Solutions

Vaco’s Financial Services experts provide best-in-class financial professionals on a consulting, project and direct hire basis.
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750 Third Ave, 23rd Floor New York , NY 10017

Free Yourself in New York

With locally owned leadership, a national reach and an entrepreneurial culture, Vaco New York is uniquely positioned to deliver talent solutions with complete customization and limitless scalability. Our experience in the Financial Services space, having serviced many of New York’s leading hedge funds, investment banks and private equity firms (including their portfolio companies), ensures we have a deep understanding of your needs. Pairing this local, tenured experience with the reach and service offerings of our many Vaco offices allows us to serve you in a myriad of ways, with an expert hand guiding you at every turn.

Vaco New York’s Financial Services practice partners with leading hedge funds, investment banks and financial institutions to provide best-in-class financial professionals on a permanent, contingency and direct hire basis

Vaco New York helps you execute critical projects, navigate seasons of excessive demand and address your permanent and interim staffing needs, freeing you to focus on your core business. Your talent needs and business goals guide our efforts. We see you, we hear you, and we’re here to help.