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Shobha Gonzalez

About Shobha

Shobha is an analytical, innovative, results-driven executive with extensive experience in the service and staffing industries. She is a dynamic, customer-focused, action-oriented leader who motivates and inspires teams to reach goals in a creative, solutions-oriented, cost-effective, and expeditious manner. Shobha believes that the signature of an effective leader is his or her organization’s ability to rise to the challenge, amidst uncertain, complex, and ambiguous conditions. She instills in her clients the confidence to lead and the conviction to build more resilient, responsive teams to face these conditions while building quality relationships along the way. From this work, Shobha enjoys watching people succeed on both personal and professional levels.

Shobha enjoys traveling, wine, playing poker, hiking, and just about anything on or by the water.

What do you love best about working at Vaco?

The passion to help others!

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