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Our mission is to:

  • Empower your organizational agility to drive successful business outcomes.
  • Provide guidance on how to get projects done by implementing our agile methodology.
  • Train and empower your team, from executives to individuals, by building a learning organization, prioritizing projects, powering your planning process, and working efficiently.

Our expertise is yours – we measure success when our clients reach self-sustaining organizational agility. 

Get work DONE

Learn how to get your projects to state of done.

Our Services

Organizational Agility is powered by two equal halves: Agile and DevOps.

Agile Enablement focuses on the people and process side of organizational agility. Here we enable your team to prioritize projects, work efficiently, power your planning process, and overall, get work done.

DevOps Enablement ensures that your software and technology are as efficient and adaptable as your team is.


Implementing and infusing organizational agility from leadership to individual team members. 

Our discovery process is based on a collaborative conversational approach with your leaders, teams, and individuals. During a short time period, we observe your agile team events and hold 1:1 sessions with a varied group of team members and leaders.  After we have collected our target information, we deliver an assessment containing strategic recommendations for improvement. Together with you, we agree on a set of go forward strategies to pilot and implement.

Focus groups:
  • Teams
  • Program/Product
  • Portfolio
  • Leadership
  • DevOps

Training is a vital cog in the successful implementation of an Agile strategy since it lays the foundation by setting a common approach and vocabulary for organizations to operate. With over 30 different courses offered, our training programs have been deployed successfully to all levels, including executive leaders, management, teams, and individuals. In addition, our foundational and certification-based classes can be readily used or customized to your specific needs.  

Agile frameworks:

  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Scrum of Scrums
  • Agile Transformation Teams (ATT)
  • Enterprise Enablement Teams (EAT)
  • Scrum@Scale
  • SAFe

Leaders are uniquely positioned to make fundamental changes in an organization. By informing leadership teams on how they can best enable organizational agility, we help empower them to implement agile methods to all areas of a business. This leads to greater focus through reduction of simultaneous work in progress for their teams and ultimately more projects completed for their customers.

Focus groups:

  • Executive Leaders
  • Product & Portfolio Management
  • Mid-Management

Training is a vital cog in the successful implementation of an Agile strategy. It sets the foundation by setting a common approach and vocabulary for teams to operate. We offer over 30 different courses.  Our coaches and trainers have led hundreds of classes, inclusive of thousands of trained associates on behalf of our clients. Our training programs have been deployed successfully to all levels of our clients’ organizations, including executive leaders, management, teams, and individuals. We have specific foundational and certification-based classes for each target audience that can all be readily used or can be customized to the specific needs each client, based on our Discovery process and change management oversight methods.

Over 30 courses including:

  • Team Foundations
  • Role Based Certification (SM, PO, Team, Engineer)
  • SAFe
  • Jira
  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • Leadership Workshops

Our goal is for you to achieve self-sustaining organizational agility.  To achieve that, our team of expert coaches work with your Leaders, Teams and Portfolio Mgt Offices (PMO) to deliver a tailored approach to help get you there. We achieve this through targeted training, mentoring and situational coaching designed to help you take on the road ahead without further embedded help. Our Emerging Agilist & Leader Programs are at the heart of our self-sustaining enablement strategy.

Coaching, Mentoring & Emerging Agilist for multiple roles including:

  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • Team Members (Developer, Quality Engineer, System Analysis)
  • Leadership
  • Portfolio Management Office

Coupled with exceptional Managed Services and Consultancy in the Agile space, our tenured recruitment team has expertise sourcing the best Agile / Scrum specific talent in the United States.

We offer 30+ years of combined recruitment in technology and now, specifically in this arena.

Core Roles:

  • Scrum Master and Coaches – all Levels
  • Product Owner and Manager – all Levels including Management
  • Retained Agile Leadership capabilities
  • DevOps at all levels including Leadership
  • Atlassian Tooling SME’s at all levels


  • Our core Agile Managed Services team along with our tenured recruiters screen each candidate before they hit your in-box!
  • Vaco has 50+ Agile internal employees + partnerships throughout the U.S. giving us unparalleled reach in the Agile recruitment space along with speed to market.
  • Often, clients who leverage Vaco Agile for Training and Consulting use the recruitment arm equaling packageable rates and great discounts on recruitment fees!


Giving your agile organization the technical tools to succeed, including test automation, development pipelines, build processes, and more.

The term “DevOps” can range from an organizational-wide mindset change down to the tactical level of product deployment. Regardless of what you are facing, we can fulfill your needs at varying levels. We begin by providing insight into your DevOps Maturity using our integrated evaluation process which allows us to evaluate everything from release cycles and branching strategies to implementation and tactical deployments.

  • Evaluate infrastructure, release cycle and branching strategies
  • Set a baseline for DevOps maturity to measure improvements for leadership
  • Implement solutions based on recommendations to improve the process including code security, stability, and automation
  • Integrate the DevOps team into the Agile development process

Health Checks: An outside expert provides an unbiased perspective into your technology practices and recommends development improvement strategies based on vital information related to the following areas:

  • Cultural health
  • Tools and systems
  • Work in progress (WIP)
  • Planning practices
  • Security vs. risk
  • Collaboration
  • Employee empowerment

Coaching, Training & Hands on Guidance: We know that adopting change is a time-consuming endeavor. To expedite this process, we employ a tested methodology of coaching and consulting to ensure each level of the organization can impact and benefit from the technology transformation at all of its phases. This includes:

  • Technical coaching
  • Program coaching
  • Team coaching
  • “Paired” engineering specific coaching

Using the comprehensive Agile Enablement approach, we have helped our clients achieve the following results:

0 %
increase in projects completed
0 %
increase in market growth vs. main competitors
0 %
reduction in technology spend
0 -pt
gain in Technology Net Promoter score

Our 4-Phase Agile Engagement Model

Our goal is to get to know you, your people and your current processes.  Once engaged, here is how we approach empowering your leaders and teams with organizational agility. This process is optimized to produce timely MVPs (minimum viable products), while allowing for constant feedback and adjustment to maximize the end product.




Hear from Vaco agile experts on the latest agile trends, business solutions, and more.



Reducing spend while boosting productivity.

Our client approached us with a technology spend of $4 billion; equal to that of their top 3 competitors combined. Despite this, they were growing at the same pace. We trained the executive team, enabling them to implement agile methodology to focus on their top 50 projects, as well as 25 “stretch” projects. 250% increase in annual projects completed. 150% growth increase compared to competitors.

$800 million saved in technology spend

Increasing productivity by reducing churn.

Our client’s late or dead-end projects led to frustrated customers who threatened to leave our client for a new vendor. By reducing “Work in Progress” at the portfolio level, we were able to reduce churn and interruptions, thereby increasing team focus time up to 2.5 times. Ultimately, customer satisfaction grew due to increased transparency of portfolio work.

15pt increase in net promoter score

Your Leadership Team

Our team of leaders each have over a decade of agile enablement experience.  We work together as a group and with our clients to serve each unique set of situations.  Our diverse business and technology leadership backgrounds have helped us face most business hurdles and sensible ways to address them. We are a group of industry recognized thought leaders having published 5 books, sit on several higher education advisory boards and have spoken at dozens of national industry conferences.  The chances are – if you have any issues you are facing about product development and delivery, we have experienced it and can be a helpful resource to you, your leadership, and your teams.

Jim Grundner

Agile Practice Leader

Sean Devin

Sr. Relationship Manager

Bob Galen

Principal Agile Coach

Kim Andrikaitis

Sr. Agile Team Coach

Bruce Nix

Principal Agile Coach


Our team is comprised of experts in the agile space. Here is a sampling of books authored by our leadership team.


At work, particularly with stay-at-home orders lingering over us, delayed projects equate to untold lost revenue and resources. Our latest book, authored by 3 Vaco Agile leadership members, is broken up into bite-size chapters and teaches you how to save time and money by utilizing agility in your own department and getting projects DONE. They include real life case studies and frameworks they have encountered in their decades of experience, so you can learn and apply it to your own team.

100% of proceeds benefit The Carying Place, a Raleigh charity dedicated to helping homeless families with children get back on their feet by teaching life skills for attaining independent living while providing short-term housing and support services to address individual needs. Find it here  on Amazon and Leanpub. 

All books authored by the Vaco Agile team:

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