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2018 Tech Market Report

Check out Vaco’s 7th annual Technology Market Report, with current data on average salary ranges, industry insights, and what tech professionals say motivates them in their careers.

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Our Mission at Vaco Seattle

Vaco Seattle (formerly Greythorn) specializes in finding game-changing talent—individuals with tech skills of almost mythic proportions. Whether you have permanent, contract, or contract-to-hire roles to fill, we know where to look. Our team members have backgrounds in tech, strong ties to the pioneers of our markets, investment in open source communities and a commitment to annual market research.

Our reputation is founded on trusted relationships with industry leaders, ranging from Apache Foundation Committers and PMC Members to technical text authors and leading edge code creators. Through our network, we’ve found and placed people in roles like:

  • Principal Data Scientist
  • Principal Cassandra Engineer
  • VPs of Engineering
  • Senior Pre-Sales Engineer
  • Senior Evangelist
  • Geospacial Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Full Stack Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer

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Vaco has proven they are all about building relationships. When we were looking for specific and hard to find talent, Vaco selflessly made introductions with local vendors although there was nothing to gain. That, to our organization, was an sincere display of partnership.

“I just had a call with your candidate. It made my week, month – potentially year. He is one of the highest quality candidates I have ever interviewed in my career. Thank you.”


“I am at a rare loss for words to thank you for all you do for me. When I came to Vaco Seattle I figured they would just be another firm. When I’d left another consulting firm years ago I figured I’d never find another really great company to work for again. You’ve proven that theory totally wrong! You and Vaco Seattle have been a fantastic company to work for and one I’m really proud to tell my friends I work for. Most companies would tell their consultants to hit the road vs. putting much effort into helping them, but you have taken great care of me all these years. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.  It means a great deal to me and when I have a bad day it really helps keep me going think of all of you.”

“They listen. They understand our business and the environment we do it in. We work with a lot of vendors, and Vaco gets us better than anyone else. We get the right balance of technical skill set and temperament that fits us.”


“Vaco is very client focused. Let me give you a few examples. When Vaco is in the area, they drop by. They have regular meetings with us, and ask what they can do better. If they find a good candidate, even when we are not actively recruiting, they let us know. Their follow-up with us is strong.”

“Vaco is the type of company that is more of a partner than a vendor to me. You have companies…but Vaco seems to be at the forefront with quality. My experience is always top-notch from beginning to end. Vaco hires really good people.”

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