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Katharine Lee

Katharine Lee

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About Katharine

Katharine is a lifelong seeker of meaning and purposeful living. She is a quick learner, adept at divergent subject matters, honest to a fault, a perpetual problem solver. She has a playful and fun disposition with laser beam focus and impeccable accountability, with the ability to grasp the macro and micro in outlook and humankind. She is highly sensitive, deeply intuitive, and keenly perceptive to needs of self, others, and modus operandi. Finally, Katharine is an organized multi-tasker (robot-beep-beep) who’s natural inclination is to manage people, processes, and projects with a whole lotta heart and ingenuity. 

What do you love best about working at Vaco?

At Vaco, you are part of a brand, but not branded. I get to connect folks up and shepherd them towards their passions as we forge ahead boldly, yet gracefully in the digital age!