Vaco team

Stephanie Jones

Area of Expertise

General Administration & Operations

About Stephanie

Born and raised in Chattanooga TN, but this girl has always been a mermaid at heart. Stephanie moved to Tampa in July of 2018 with her husband who started a business in the Riverview area. Because she always vacationed in Florida and she loves the ocean, she quickly adapted to the move. Before coming to Vaco, she had been working in the staffing industry for a few years, and before that she was a teacher. She went to college at Lee University in Cleveland, TN and received her Undergrad in Psychology and her graduate degree in Education. She feels like recruiting is the perfect combination of both.

When it comes to what she likes to do for fun, she is well rounded and likes trying new things. Some of her favorite things are cooking and trying out new restaurants, shopping, traveling, listening to music, playing Topgolf, relaxing by the pool, and of course, going to the beach! Since moving to Florida she has also become a big fan of Busch Gardens and the other theme parks nearby. When she was first introduced to Vaco, she was amazed by all the themed rooms, and very impressed with the culture! Since beginning her Vaco journey in September 2019, she has really enjoyed getting to work at a company where people care about one another and are extremely self-motivated.

What do you love best about working with Vaco?

Being a part of a place where being yourself is welcomed and having fun while you work is encouraged!