Vaco Tampa Areas of Expertise

Accounting & Finance

You “The Professional” likes to work with numbers and has never met a spreadsheet you didn’t like, but you “The Person” are more than just a number to the team at Vaco Tampa. Just like you, we’re not cookie cutter. That’s why in addition to the specific job skills needed for the Accounting & Finance position being filled, we find out the personality that role requires, too.

Vaco Tampa’s Accounting & Finance solutions and placements include CFO, VP, Director of Finance, Controller, Senior Analyst, Corporate Tax, Transactional Accounting and much more.


To you, C++ means more than a grade you got in middle school, and Java isn’t a buzzword to market coffee shops. You work in technology, and people that don’t work in this area generally have no idea what you do. But the Vaco Tampa does. Our technology team understands the lingo, job specs, and the unique skills that come with projects and positions.

We not only seek out the candidates with the right qualifications on paper (and in the Cloud!) but also those with the personality traits that will make the employer-employee relationship work. Consider Vaco Tampa your online matchmakers.

Operations & Administration

Whether you need a versatile admin pro who’s ready to wear multiple hats or a seasoned marketing professional to whip your company into shape, the hiring process can feel like an all-consuming task. Finding the right skill set takes time and energy; finding the right overall fit can feel like a gamble. Vaco Tampa is here to take the headache out of both.

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