Accounting and Finance Recruiting Trends


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The biggest trend that we see in the Finance and Accounting World is
the advent and use of technology in automation.
So,, companies are under increasing pressures to do more with less
to be a little bit more efficient, a little bit faster, a little bit smarter, and in
this hyper-competitive environment that we're in, the war for talent, the
war for information. Getting humans out of the transactional-level work
and putting them on to the value-added analytical work is something
that is key.
Vaco is flexing with this trend by staying out there on the cutting edge, keeping up with technology as well as the demands that our clients and
our customers find themselves under, as well.
It's important to know the pressures that our clients and our buyers
feel from us and staying up on that technology is critical. Download our latest eBook to learn more about Accounting and Finance Trends