Five Tech Industry Trends Driven By COVID-19


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  • Webinar Date: October 8, 2020 @01:00pm

A global pandemic changes everything -- especially how businesses must now approach technology strategy. As teams continue working from home and companies turn to AI for operational efficiencies, technology can both empower and constrain the best laid plans.

But for IT leaders looking to blaze a new trail, now is the time. With the right blend of tech prowess and risk management, businesses can leverage untapped potential, in terms of both platforms and people, to drive business strategy forward. It’s all about aligning vision with opportunity.

Join Vaco’s tech experts for insight into five trends unfolding for today’s IT enterprises:

  • Redefining the business lifeline
  • Balancing eCommerce, ERP, and offshore resources
  • Managing new opportunities … and new risks
  • Injecting empathy into AI/ML/RPA as a differentiator
  • Creating digital transformation that drives lasting results
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