Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Witt

Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Witt

I’ve been fortunate to have worked in several amazing roles at Vaco, but am most proud of the friendships I’ve made every step along the way.

As a self-described “recovering accountant,” Kevin is a people-person who relishes the relationship side of Vaconian life most of all. Whether it’s solving a time-sensitive issue for a client or helping a consultant land the perfect opportunity, Kevin truly cares about the people behind the numbers. He’s genuinely happy to be in the helping business, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

As Chief Operating Officer, Kevin drives the strategic direction for multiple Vaco offices, overseeing business development efforts and ensuring that the Vaco Nation is populated with trusted A-players and leadership superstars. He’s focused on empowering “servant leaders” who tackle challenges together for the good of the client, consultant and company. Plus, as he often points out, it’s just more fun to work together, isn’t it?

Prior to joining the Vaco Nation in 2004, Kevin served as a Senior Manager with Ernst & Young's tax consulting practice, assisting companies with tax planning strategies with a healthcare focus. Having spent decades in the financial and talent solutions industries, it’s no wonder he can pick a great candidate out of a lineup; he knows what it takes on both sides of the equation.

Kevin earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Masters of Accountancy from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Over the years, he’s cultivated a collection of organization habits that border on obsession; he takes copious notes and is never without his Moleskine notebook (if he’s broken out in hives, you can bet it’s missing).

Kevin and his wife, Leigh Ann, live in the Nashville area with their three children, each of whom are his favorite. He’s a recent outdoor sports convert; in just a few short years, he has managed to fill his garage with enough hunting and fishing gear to rival any respectable sporting goods department in the Southeast.

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