Vaco team

Chief Information Officer

Chris Cummings

Chris Cummings

“I love the fact that this is such a “win-win-win” business. A smart person gets a job they love, a client gets a resource when they need it most, and we get the satisfaction of playing matchmaker.”

Keeping Vaco’s systems running effectively and efficiently is like taking care of organs in the body, according to Chris Cummings. You might not think about them or see them every day, but you certainly feel it when they aren’t working well. Chris (or should we say Dr. Cummings?) makes it his mission to ensure that our staff, clients, and consultants can focus on what they need to accomplish by keeping our vital parts in tip-top shape.

As Vaco’s Chief Information Officer, Chris is responsible for charting our current strategic Information Technology course, deploying new initiatives, and maintaining the internal systems and critical infrastructure that support our offices across the country. He loves the fact that if he’s doing his job well, life gets easier for Vacotians coast to coast and sea to sea.

Like a handful of other Vaco executives, Chris began his career at Arthur Andersen, serving as Manager of the firm’s Business Consulting division. He moved on to serve as Vice President of Product Management at Medibuy before joining Spheris, a medical transcription technology company, as Vice President of Operations and later, Vice President of Product Deployment. He found his happy place in the Vaco Nation in 2013.

Chris earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration-Management Information Systems from Tennessee Technological University. While there, he served as the Campus Representative for Anheuser-Busch, a title that likely garnered many prestigious social invitations and a diverse array of enriching extra-curricular opportunities.

Chris enjoys living in Nashville with his wife Hollie and their son. He fancies himself a mighty fine armchair coach, should the NFL ever need his keen strategic services.