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Chief Financial Officer

Todd Sweat

Todd Sweat

“We help our candidates and consultants accomplish things that aren’t always easy.”

As Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of Administration for Vaco, Todd is so much more than our “head money guy.” He’s an integral part of a team and a culture that’s one hundred per cent focused on helping people and companies achieve their goals, none of which would be possible without smart financial management on our side of the equation.

The first decade of Todd’s career was spent in the audit practice at Arthur Andersen; he later joined $1 billion convenience store chain Mapco Express as its Vice President of Finance. He signed on with the Shop At Home Network as Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer in 2004, and brought two decades of professional finance and executive experience to Vaco in 2007. All told, it’s been quite a long journey from his humble beginnings as a television repo man in his early 20’s. Ask him about it sometime, you won’t be disappointed.

Todd earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from from Tennessee Tech University. He is a Certified Public Accountant and an active member of the AICPA and the TSCPA. Like any good superhero, Todd has an alter-ego; he balances his dollars-and-cents accountant identity with an adventurous and outdoorsy spirit that’s quite happy hunting, fishing, working on the farm and getting as far away from a spreadsheet as life can carry him.

Todd lives in Nashville with his wife Kelly, where he lives his greatest adventure every day: raising three sons.


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