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Ali Donnel

Area of Work



Ali works in Vaco’s Shared Services Group on the Application Support Team. Previously a Vaco Office Manager, her understanding of our people’s practical needs allows her to help our employees get the most out of available applications.

She’s a grammar-loving, sushi-eating, mother to two dogs and a cat, who loves Barbershop singing. And she’s also a big fan of both viewing and critiquing television and movies.

What do you love best about working with Vaco?

The people. The leaders of Vaco are awe inspiring and amazing! The passion for doing what we do, doing it well, and doing it without angst is infectious. And I’m not just talking about official leadership. I see organic positive leadership throughout Vaco. I’m thrilled to be surrounded by such intelligence, passion, and joy — and honored to be on the team.

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