Vaco Cares

Creating Stronger Communities

At Vaco, there is nothing more important or valuable than people; relationships are the very backbone of Planet Vaco. All Vaconians believe in the spirit of giving and contribution. There is a need for not just a rollicking and reveling career, but also one that allows us to help both our own people as well as our neighbors outside the Vaco walls.
vaco cares

Vaco cares

The People Fund

It’s important that everyone across Planet Vaco feels a sense of support within our community, so, when the unexpected strikes, Vaco wants to make a direct and immediate impact on the members of the Vaco community who find themselves in extreme times of need.

Who Qualifies:
Vaco employees, immediate family of employees, candidates, consultants and clients of Vaco

Qualifying Events:
Natural disaster, fire, death or unforeseen illness, car or other debilitating accidents

* Please note – An extreme time of need is not defined as anything associated with sports, politics, schools, religious organizations, labor groups or competitors.*

Vaco cares

The Community Fund

In addition to The People Fund, Vaco believes in giving back and serving the people around us. We believe in providing aid and support to the people, charitable organizations, and needs within the communities we live and work.

To learn more and apply for community aid, contact your local Vaco office

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